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In Therapy awarded Continent Winner: Australia and Oceania for the Best Beauty Salon.

World Luxury Spa and Restaurant Awards 2019

The World Luxury Spa and Restaurant Awards recognize establishments for world-class service excellence. Awards are presented on a country, regional, continental and global basis. Winners are selected by public vote online, providing true recognition that reflects the hard work and dedication exhibited by staff.

The winners of the annual World Luxury Spa and Restaurant Awards were announced in July 2019 at a glamorous event at The State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia. This was the fourth event of its kind and more than 200 guests flew in from around the world, representing more than 90 countries, 450 spas and 270 restaurants.

In Therapy were awarded Continent Winner: Australia and Oceania for the Best Beauty Salon.


‘We congratulate this year’s winners. True luxury is not easily attained. ‘ Many factors play a part in determining the winners – brand, location and overall guest satisfaction as fed back via online reviews, among others. It takes highly efficient and dedicated staff, who are willing to go the extra mile and stop at nothing to ensure that every guest feels cared for and no challenge goes unresolved. This is the definition of luxury. It is what makes the winners shine,” says World Luxury Awards Group Marketing Director Michael Hunter-Smith.

in therapy awarded continent winner: australia and oceania for the best beauty salon

The World Luxury Spa Awards gives recognition and thanks to the luxury spa industry.


Setting benchmarks in quality, innovation and service for spas around the globe and established as the world’s leading Awards initiative for luxury spas, the World Luxury Spa Awards sets the spotlight on our spas, attracting the attention of global spa-goers and industry experts. The World Luxury Spa Awards aim to encourage and raise service standards within the luxury spa industry.

Awards are presented to luxury spas in 32 different categories on a country, regional, continent and global basis. Voting is based on service excellence and is cast by spa guests. Spas will receive voting information and will be required to conduct voting campaigns in order to promote their participation amongst guests. To provide luxury spas with well-deserved recognition based upon votes from guests.

Providing spas with extra credibility and give staff the recognition, they deserve.

Backed by substantial marketing and promotional campaigns, the World Luxury Spa Awards promotes its participants on a global scale by means of an online spa profile, featuring in the Ultimate Spa Guide and media coverage as well as networking opportunities with our established sponsors and partners. To ultimately raise service standards within the luxury spa industry.

Voting period will be 1 April 2019 – 28 April 2019 and we will contact you beforehand on how you can support us and vote.

The State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel will host The World Luxury Spa Awards gala celebration on 6 July 2019.


I had my very first ‘Say it with polish signature manicure’ at In Therapy

spa it girl - say it with polish

Spa It Girl visited us at In Therapy on Thursday 06 September and this is what she
to say about her experience


I had my very first Say it With Polish Signature Manicure {Mani} at inTherapy in Red Hill, Brisbane
Queensland Australia.

inTherapy is one of Australia’s Leading Ethical and Sustainable Beauty Salons and they have been
Australian Beauty Industry Awards Finalist’s for the last three years – 2016, 2017, 2018.

Nicola Le Lievre is the owner and #GIRLBOSS Inspiration of inTherapy and she is passionate about
stocking cruelty free brands in her salon. Nicole Le Lievre also loves supporting Australian Made and
Owned Brands whenever she can.

spa it girl - say it with polish

When I found out about this Australian Beauty Salon that was so passionate about providing cruelty free
brands and beauty treatments naturally I had to find out more about the #GIRLBOSS behind inTherapy
*click here to read our exclusive #SPAITGIRL #GIRLBOSS interview with Nicole Le Lievre owner of

inTherapy they have an extensive range of beauty treatments but with Non Toxic Mani’s making it’s mark
all year in places like New York City and Los Angeles I was so excited to finally be expericing a Non Toxic
Mani in Australia too.

Say It With Polish, is 100% against testing on animals and have been certified as 100% cruelty free and
vegan by Cruelty Free Australia, it’s been co-founded by a couple of Aussie #GIRLBOSS inspirations and
all of their products are made in Australia, infused with native ingredients and everything can be customise
made and personalised to suit your own personal gifting, spa, salon, beauty, lifestyle self care needs.

Say it With Polish – nail polish and nail care range is breathable so your nails maintain top health and it is
also10-free, meaning it doesn’t contain any of the nasties commonly found mass produced nail polish such
as toluene, DBP, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, paraben, camphor and more.

spa it girl - say it with polish

he Say it With Polish signature manicure has been designed with the busy Aussie Girl in mind but it is
also been designed to get your hands and nails looking and feeling amazing and when you visit inTherapy
it’s all about YOU and they want you to truly feeling like you are the centre of the Universe! so I loved that too.

My beauty therapist was Anni Kokka and she was absolutely beautiful and had the biggest
Happy SMILE ever!

spa it girl - say it with polish

Anni Kokka was so happy that she made me feel so happy too – I could really tell that Anni loved her job
at inTherapy along with Beauty Therapy it truly shone through.

I loved how professional Anni was too and how she went through and explained things as it was my first
time having a Say It With Polish singature manicure at inTherpay.

After a little period of settling in and getting comfortable in my chair – it was time for my Say it With Polish
signature manicure at inTherapy to commence.

It started with a really lovely and relaxing warm water soak in a mix of sweet almond oil, organ oils and
vitamin E, followed by a beautiful exfoliating massage with an organic sugar scrub.

Next I got to experience The Nitty Gritty hand ritual which is designed to help relieve tired hands and it
is a water-based cuticle softener blended with eucalyptus & lavender essence.

From there you gently have your hands and nails massaged and The Nitty Gritty hand ritual helps to
massage away dry cuticles and dead skin cells without drying.

After that you then have your nails shaped and buffed to perfection.  My Beauty Therapist Anni – was
highly trained and skilled and whilst I think I could have had my hands massaged all day or my nails
snapped and and buffed all day.

I had to choose a colour that would suit me best and to take me through the rest of my days and
nights ahead.

There was a total of 10 vegan friendly nail polish to choose from and loved how all of the Say it With
Polish bottles had really cool mantra’s on them it was so girly, feel good and very cute and clever.

I also loved how at inTherapy you can arrange to have your own Say It With Polish – nail polishes
customised for your own special occasion I thought that was such a great idea especially if you wanted
to host an inTherapy ‘Say It With Polish” Mani Bridal Party.

I love to support Australian brands as I truly believe it’s so important for generations to come and ever
since I started blogging I have always loved sharing and supporting Australian Made and Owned Natural
products whenever I can.

spa it girl - say it with polish

Click here for the direct link to Spa It Girls website





Understanding Skincare

understanding skincare

When choosing the right skin care solution it is important to understand what your ultimate goal is. In the past skincare has been more about relaxation than skin correction simply because technology was not as advanced or results driven as it is now. Actives focused on hydration and nourishment and not skin function and cellular optimisation. As a result of international innovation and medical contribution our choices are many hence understanding the different categories of skincare is integral.

This is the category that most of us know and use when we don’t know any better. Cosmetics are normally luxe (price ranges from $5.00 – $500+ a product), they feel beautiful (because they are laden with silicone), smell great (because they have added fragrance and colour) and have a hint of active ingredients (so that they can make claims of being much more than they could ever truly honour). These products are packaged in gorgeous bottles and jars and are more often than not endorsed by a paid five star celebrity (that we know can’t be using the brand if he or she looks as amazing as they do). These products are sold over the counter because they are safe. They are safe because there isn’t much of anything in them and nothing can go wrong. Beautiful to use but no skin benefit here. Oh and beware of these brands many use high levels of silica, mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, SLS …just to name a few.

Cosmeceuticals refers to the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients purporting to have medical or drug-like benefits. Dermatological research suggests that the bioactive ingredients used in cosmeceuticals have benefits beyond the traditional moisturizer. So what we are hearing here is that unlike cosmetics that have insignificant levels of actives cosmeceuticals are the first category of skincare that can make a skin difference. Whilst they may look and feel like a cosmetic they tend to have the nasties removed (some better than others) and they use the right amount of active ingredients that can make a visible skin difference. Cosmeceutical treatments are indulgent and relaxing without compromising on results.

Cosmedics / Cosmedicals
Cosmedics is the acknowledgement of medical science and its entry into skin treatment as recent as only the last couple of years. Through medical research scientists have discovered, developed and engineered active ingredients, peptides and antioxidants that have the ability to retain and regain normal skin function and cell optimization.
Furthermore the discovery of biomimetic bases and peptides as well as the encapsulation of active ingredients ensures optimum delivery of these ingredients at cellular level. Cosmedics isn’t skincare rather skin medicine. Unlike cosmetics, cosmedics requires a skin expert to tailor a personal skin health prescription for every skin, this will ensure the skin has a chance to acclimatize to the actives and avoid sensitisation.

Cosmedics may cause visible responses in the skin all part and parcel of an “active” medical grade action. Cosmeceutical and Cosmedics have been developed to combat the five major causes of aging. Without an active approach these five causes and their domino effect would be left untreated and ultimately lead to deterioration of skin health, ultimately resulting in compromised skin function, cellular activity and visible aging.
We are fortunate enough to live in a world of advanced technology and medical breakthroughs allowing us to age proof our skin and kick aging to the curb. Thank you for trusting Australia’s most sophisticated skin care brand – in return we give you confidence, healthy, youthful and radiant skin!


In Therapy announced as finalists
for the 2018 Australian Beauty Industry Awards

abia finalist

Thank you to all our loyal clients for your continued support. We are very proud and humbled to once again be nominated for these prestigious awards in categories listed below.

Representing the highest accolade within the industry and honouring the best of the best the ABIA’s have cemented themselves as the benchmark of excellence being the most coveted accolade in the industry today.

A strong panel of business and industry experts from all over Australia were the judges for the 7th Annual Australian Beauty Industry Awards.

Winners of the 2018 Australian Beauty Industry Awards will be announced at the gala extravaganza on Sunday 9th September, held at The Star, Sydney, following Beauty Expo Australia. This annual event is known as the Oscars of the Beauty Industry.

The best salons and spas in the country are recognised as winners of their states in two size levels; 4 treatment rooms or less and 5 treatment rooms or more. The two overall Australian Winners will also be announced on the night chosen from the State winners and based on judging points.

Sponsored by Spectrum Science Beauty
In Therapy Skin & Body
Moore Beautiful
Simply Elegant
Skin + Wax Clinic

Sponsored by Naked Tan
Beach St Beauty Bar
Beauty in The Bay
Faux Tanning Studio
In Therapy Skin & Body
Lucy Lane
Mills St Advanced Skin and Beauty Clinic



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