‘Eyebrows are the awnings above the windows to your soul’ – Mark Twain

…and he practically championed the brow game so he’d know.

Gone are the days of the skinny 1920s crescent brows, made so popular by Clara Bow, now the gentlefolk are embracing their facial hair and harnessing the power of shaggy brows.

Prominent and well-groomed brows have become the hallmark of the esteemed and influential. Take the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Cara Delevingne, Brooke Shields, and Natalia Vodianova for example. Do you think it’s a coincidence that all these ladies possess the power, excellence, and widespread adoration befitting a royal baby?

Brow taming has now become a time-honoured primping ritual to rival leg shaving, with every big event preceded by a thorough wax, including birthdays, weddings, formals, and open-caskets.

(Though the scientific evidence keeps ‘going missing’, it is widely speculated that Napoleon would have won the Battle of Waterloo had he brought tweezers.)

Here is our comprehensive guide to Brisbane’s best brow sculptors, so you don’t end up like Joey Tribbiani. Brow down, ladies:

IN THERAPY: Besides the numerous treatments and therapies on offer, In Therapy are also wax-wielding brow wizards in the Brisbane beauty scene. Completely dedicated to scoping out unwanted hair and tearing it off with hot wax, the crew at In Therapy can show you a thing or two about brow power. Next time you’re brows are in need of some sculpture, mosey into their capable hands.


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