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Nicola Le Lievre owner of intherapy Skin & Body knows the skills of a beauty therapist are a gift that can make a difference, “We have a unique gift of nurturing and touch that needs to be spread to our community in need. I remember giving Tender Loving Beauty to anorexia patients when I was studying beauty back in 1997, and the gratitude I felt from those patients has stuck with me over all these years.” This feeling has affected Nicola so much that she has created Tender Loving Beauties, a group dedicated to giving beauty treatments to people in need.

Tender Loving Beauties (TLB) is open to all beauty therapists who are ready to volunteer, and they have just one goal. Nicola puts it simply, “Everybody needs somebody to brighten their day, and we want to be the ones who can change someone’s life – even in a small way – with just a smile, tender loving touch and a bit of beauty.”

TLB currently volunteers every Wednesday morning at Hummingbird House, Queensland’s only children’s hospice. They provide beauty treatments such as mini manicures, mini pedicures, shoulder massages, eye treatments and brow grooming for family members. This pampering and relaxation during the precious time they have for themselves is a beautiful gift. “When you see an exhausted mum close her eyes and nod off whilst receiving a hand massage, knowing you are making a difference in her life, albeit a small one, is an incredible feeling.”

Nicola knows the value of small acts of kindness, but her generosity has no bounds. She helped raise $25,000 earlier this year when she launched TLB in May 2019 at Victoria Park Golf Course with Hummingbird House’s Mother’s Day high tea a with a silent auction and raffle and gave all proceeds to Hummingbird House to support their services.

Nicola wants to spread the love to more charities around Australia, “As we grow and more therapists come on-board, we can offer more days and longer treatments. I’m in the process of expanding to more charities around Queensland, and the goal is to grow throughout Australia.” We love the work she’s doing and we’re calling out for Sustainable Salons beauty therapists who are interested in joining the cause!

There are a few ways that you can support Tender Loving Beauties:
1. Beauty therapists can volunteer their time and skills
2. Suppliers can provide products and consumables.

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